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Fourth Party Logistic (4PL) Services

MSM provides 4PL services to procure, receive, inspect, kit and present complete parts lists to customer quality assurance representatives or DCMA.  The result is a one-stop shop for complex parts lists containing diverse items such as hardware, electrical components, cables, seals and gaskets, adhesives, labels and assemblies.  Each 4PL contract is treated as a separate program with dedicated Program Managers to anticipate and immediately respond to any issues that may impact quality or schedule.  Customers have benefited from cost savings and MSM's ability to resolve issues with our in-house manufacturing capabilities.  MSM has delivered more than 1,000,000 items with 100% on-time delivery and quality.


Completed kits are routinely presented for on-sight source surveillance or first article inspection.  All data is available for immediate review, and buy-off is conducted by the Program Manager most familiar with the requirements. Signed off kits can then be stored or dropped shipped for immediate install.


Parts lists are packaged based on defined military, customer or commercial specifications.  Being a manufacturer ourselves, MSM understands the importance of receiving items undamaged to prevent delays or quality failures. All packaging is designed to reflect positively well on our customers when drop shipped.


Parts List components are sourced or manufactured in-house depending on schedule and quality requirements. Program Management software and Quality Inspection Plans are established based on specific contract flow downs.  Low overhead rates result in customer cost savings.


State-of-the-art inspection tools and processes are used to ensure conformance with applicable drawings and specifications.  First Article Inspection Reports are created in-house using optical recognition software to reduce cost and human error.  All data and records are stored electronically for reference.

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